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Welcome to my Coming Soon page. 

This is where I let you know what I’m working on at the moment. 


I’m very excited to announce the first coloring book in my series, Bliss Me Out Coloring Books – Calm.  It was a treat to create these designs for you.

This book features many different levels of difficulty so whether you want to just take a few minutes and create something simple or if you’d rather immerse yourself in your creation, there are images perfect for you.

Each coloring book I create also contains color combination and shading sheets within the book.  And we have created the design on only one side of each page so each one is protected.

Coloring books are such a positive experience for so many and being used in a variety of situations to help people dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression and more.  The act of creating something beautiful and escaping into something wonderful, even just for a while, has an effect on our emotional wellbeing.

I hope you enjoy the images in Bliss Me Out – Calm.



Remember those wild and crazy days of your early 20’s?  All those crazy parties and other things you kind of wish you couldn’t remember.  You know….before all the adulting came along.

Well, the Shit I Say When I’m Drunk coloring book is for you.  Not only is it full of great images to color, like clothes and cocktails, but it’s chock full of those ‘stupid’ things we used to say and do.  Like Karaoke, texting your ex-boyfriend, or having ‘just one more drink.”

We’ve all been there. So pull out the coloring sticks of your choice and relive those wild days.

I’m doing a couple revisions on the cover and it should be good to go.




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