The 5 Most Important Words In Life

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The 5 Most Important Words In Life?

I Love And Accept Myself.

Yep.  That’s it.  Simple, isn’t it?  But Wow…it’s powerful.

I came up with this idea just the other day and tried it out each day since then.  And I am finding that I am loving myself just a little bit more.  I discovered I’m not as hard on myself today.  I am more accepting of my perceived flaws and what I do wish to change seems to feel more supported, if that makes any sense.

I’ve been thinking alot about these 5 words and what they mean.

We all want to love ourselves, right?  But so often, our ‘flaws’ and those little imperfections only we seem to see, get in the way of loving ourselves as much as we deserve.

But when you Love & Accept yourself, suddenly your brain thinks, “Yeah, I’m pretty OK.  Even with this extra weight or crappy background, mistakes made and regretted or sucky job, I’m OK.”

The funny thing is, when you do start to love and accept yourself, those changes you want to make in your life, come easier.  You are beginning to value yourself so your commitment level goes up and you are more apt to stick with whatever changes you want to make.

I find that I can say I Love You to myself and I can believe it.  I really do feel it inside.  BUT…when I look at accepting myself, just the way I am, and be OK with that, it doesn’t always feel real.  How is it that I can Love myself but not accept myself?  And how do I move into full acceptance of myself the way I am?

Do I have to lose 20 pounds to accept myself?  Should I be more focused, more organized, more understanding, more beautiful, more successful…..the list can go on and on.  We humans can come up with a 1001 ways to convince ourselves we don’t deserve to love ourselves.

But we do deserve that Love.  We are worthy of that Love.  Each and every one of you, no matter who you are now or have been in the past, no matter what you look like or what others think of you, you deserve that Love.  Right Now!!  Just. The. Way. You. Are.

What I have found is that as I have been saying I Love & Accept Myself throughout the past couple of days I really do feel more loving towards myself.  I feel more deserving of that love and I want be more nurturing and caring towards me.

Truthfully, I have the most difficult time with forgiving myself.  I can forgive others, I can love that God/Creator aspect of them that we all carry.  But there are times when something I’ve done in the past that I’m not so proud of jumps up and slaps me in the face. Hard.  How can I accept myself for those things?

And it’s ridiculous, right?  What good does it do to beat myself up for the past?

And that’s when I was hit with inspiration!!  I have chosen to say I Love & Forgive Myself as well as I Love & Accept myself throughout the day.  Brilliant, yes?  This is my new experiment for the coming weeks.  I’ll keep you posted.

I have also realized that I can change the word Accept to anything I feel I need to bring more of into my life, such as:  respect, honor, admire, believe in, treasure.  Such a simple concept but holds the possibility for such incredible change in our lives.  I’ll be writing more about these 5 words in future posts.  Stay tuned.

So I encourage you to take I Love & Accept Myself into your own life and just see where it takes you!

Blessings on your journey.






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