25 Words That Can Change Your Life – New Book Coming Soon!

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I am so excited to share the news that my new book, 25 Words That Can Change Your Life, will be coming out soon!

I loved writing this book and created it from the heart. The idea came out of the blue one day as I was thinking about all the wonderful, powerful changes that have happened in my life throughout the years.

I realized how these changes came about because of emotions and attributes I had brought into my life to empower me, give me courage, and assist me on my exciting journey of growth. This journey has been about stepping into my power and releasing the fears I’ve had around sharing my message.

Words such as Capable, Forgiveness, Joy, Gratitude and more have brought me to this point. I still get the Heebie Jeebies when I think of speaking in front of people or other things that will stretch me.

But, in that magical way the Universe has of putting opportunities in front of us for our own good, I’ve been able to step through that fear and just DO IT!! I spoke to a group of 40 women and didn’t feint! In fact I could feel the passion of my message flowing through me at times and got really excited!! I can do this!

So stay tuned for the release of 25 Words That Can Change Your Life! I know you’ll love it.

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