You Deserve The Life You Desire

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As an author of self awareness, motivational, inspirational books I am in a constant state of ‘self-analysis’.  Sounds a little crazy, right?  I gotta smile as I write that!!!  But I love those inner workings.

As a big plus, this way of being, for me, has set me on a path of reinventing myself, looking at what is not working, tweaking this and that and moving forward in a more inspired way.  I am learning, not only about me and what makes me tick, but about people and what those true desires are that give their lives meaning.

When challenges arise, what gives them hope?  When something is not working, what gives them motivation to change?  And when things are going well, what is it that they are truly grateful for?

So today, I was searching for a little more information on goal setting….it is the new moon after all and I felt it was time to set some new goals.  The new moon is all about new beginnings, fresh new energy.

And if you look at the numbers 2017, they add up to ten which is actually a #1.  And #1 is also new beginnings.  Yes, I dabble in a bit of everything….energy work, numerology, all sorts of WooWoo stuff just because it’s fun and I have a very curious mind.

Anyway, I went to youtube and found this video by Les Brown and just knew I wanted to share it with everyone.

Although I would love to post the video here I’m not sure about permissions so I’ll just post the name of it and you can go and check it out! Look for Les Brown and Jim Rohn – Setting Goals on Youtube.

I hope you enjoy it.  Blessings to you and add a little fun to your day!

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