Is Our Journey Together On This Planet Like A Crazy Family Road Trip?

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I have no idea why this popped into my head but I just thought how our time on Earth is like one of those wild family vacations you hear about from National Lampoon. Am I Right? LOL

Mother Earth is our station wagon. We start off all excited about what we’ll see and do on this great adventure. We’re all getting along cuz we’re on this fun adventure together as a family and we love our family….right? Well, most of the time.

But a few hours into the trip our excitement has waned a bit. The snacks have run out, it’s crowded and things are starting to irritate us.

We’re mad at the brother for farting, we’re mad at the sister for playing her crappy music too loud and mad at everyone else just for looking at us.

What started out as an exciting ride to WallyWorld with the Griswalds has turned into the road trip from hell.

And Dad just wants to drop everyone off at the next gas station.

I remember one year it was scorching hot, we had no air conditioning and the van kept overheating…not to mention us and our 4 kids. The stuff of nightmares!! We were driving along, I was trying to get the kids to get along or at least shut up when my hubby took a little side road and we ended up at a lovely little river.

There was no one around, the kids stripped to their undies and we all went swimming. It was a fast little river and we could float with the current for a ways then climb up the bank and do it again.

We had the best time.

What we did when we had ‘road trip meltdowns’ was to find a place to stop and take time to play. And it worked….for a few hours. But during that time we had fun, we all got along, and we able to create some great memories, too.

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