Breathe Deep and Don’t Give Up

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I created this poster this morning and boy do I need it!!! Some days are like that, right? Life can come crashing down and almost stop you in your tracks.

And no matter how many mantras, meditations, good vibes and positive thoughts you put in your brain, sometimes it’s just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…..And Boom! You’re stuck and almost immobilized by those big heavy emotions.

And so we breathe.

When we have fear and anxiety, our breathe is shallow, almost panting. We are barely taking in enough oxygen to keep our brain going. lol Our fight or flight response is in high gear and is messing with our head.


Breathe deep.

Bring in whatever positive feeling or emotion you feel you need right now. Peace, gratitude, Love, light, calm, beauty. And always breathe Love out to the world and all the beings that we share Mother Earth with.

Right now I am breathing in Trust. I need to trust myself, trust that I am capable of doing what I need to do and that whatever I don’t know at the moment, I can learn.

Remember – Change Is Possible and You Are Freakin’ Invincible!

Bless you on your journey. And add a little play to your day.

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