5 Genius Tips For Author Self Care.

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writing-427527_1920     I love writing.  Always have.  I write books to inspire others to live their own best life and I write children’s books.  Both are from the heart.

Like most of you out there, I have had bumps in the road, pain, fear, depression and overwhelm.  And I worked my ass off to NOT stay stuck in those dark holes.  This is where the idea for the series From Bitchy to Bitchin came from.  I wanted to share what I had learned and inspire others to take charge of their own lives.

And the children’s books are just so much fun!  I’ve been surrounded by children for many years and I just love how they experience the world.  Their imagination, perspective and insights are pure and full of wonder and magic.

But as much as I love to write, I have noticed that even with the best comfy chair I still have achey parts. I get sore shoulders from typing, sore back and hips from sitting, sore head from too much computer time. When my back really started acting up I realized it’s time to get off my fancy chair and give some love to my body.

So I’m sharing my top 5 Author’s Love Your Body Tips.

Sitting for too long.  Don’t do it!


If only there was a way to write and work out at the same time.  I’m working on that.  🙂  But even getting up every hour or so for a 10 minute walk, a stretching session or a quick HIIT workout will make a big difference.

I learned this lesson the hard way.  Sitting and writing can be almost obsessive, especially once you are ‘in the flow’.  I am now recovering from back issues that have caused some pretty intense pain.  But yoga, core strengthening and getting off my ass more often has made a big difference.  So get up off that chair, take 10 minutes off and I’ll just wait here for you.  wink wink.

Lots of water.


Drink lots of water!  Not coffee, not tea, not tequila….but refreshing, delicious, gorgeous, clean water.  A hydrated body is a happy body.  Feeling foggy, grouchy, antsy or maybe just done with it all?

Water….it’s all about the water.  We are almost 98% water.  Our organs need it, our brain needs it, our hormones, digestive tract and everything else, right down to our toenails, needs water.

So get your 8 10oz glasses of water and if you feel like drinking more, do it!!!  And an added perk to drinking so much water?  You DO have to get off your butt and get to the bathroom.   So on your way back to your writing spot, do a little dance, stretch, breathe deep, smile and get back to work!

Get outside.


As authors, many of us end up missing outside time.  Have you ever felt like you are just watching the seasons pass through the window above your writing desk?  When we write, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, our experiences help give the story life, I think.

We know the way the wind feels on our skin, we hear the chatter of a busy coffee shop or the emotion we get seeing the homeless woman with her shopping cart, the smell of fresh cut grass, or your crazy ass dog chasing imaginary butterflies.

This is where our stories begin, where we are inspired to take our story in a new direction or recognizing where the story ends!  We are inspired by our surroundings.  But if the only surroundings you see are your four walls, well, honey it’s time to get out!!!

Don’t Be A Hermit

childhood-1419877_1920Being a hermit may not be good for your health.  Unfortunately, writers can have a tendency to be this way. Some folks can be perfectly happy but for many, being alone too much can lead to depression.  No outside interests, no other grownups to talk to, no way to bounce ideas off people, can narrow the focus of our world.

And depression can be very sneaky.  The writing seems to be uninspired, writer’s block happens more often, or you just don’t seem to be up to writing at all for days or weeks at a time.  If this sounds at all familiar it may be an idea to talk to a counsellor or your health care professional.

We can easily turn into the proverbial hermit in a cave…..or golem, our skin a pale, pasty shade of yuck.

Your mental and emotional health is as important as your physical health.  Life is all about balance, in your health, in your life and in your writing career.  Take good care of your inner self and take time to nurture yourself every day.

See people!


Yes!  See real, live people.  Get out of the house, have lunch or coffee dates, go to a party, go for a hike with friends, do something crazy.

Not only does this give us that social interaction we need as humans, but by socializing we are out there experiencing life, which in turn, flavors our writing.

It took me a while to realize this.  Like almost a year!  I would stay in even on the weekend and write, watch marketing webinars, tweak stuff, work on new ideas, learn new tools.  But I suddenly realized it was a little tougher to join in conversations with even my closest friends.

Time to take action!  Now I am out almost every weekend, I am accepting invitations to dinners and parties (no more making up lameass excuses) and my writing is suddenly more alive!

And so am I.






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  1. Hello Delia

    Thank you so much. I’ve kicked this New Years flu bug and I’m having fun getting back into it.

    Add a little play to your day!

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