25 Words That Can Change Your Life – Coming Soon

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slide1I’m working on a new book I’m really excited about.  25 Words That Can Change Your Life is a book filled with possibilities for growth, for self-discovery and for reflection.

I was inspired one evening as I was thinking about the word Joy and what it meant to me.  How could I bring more Joy into my life?  What does Joy even look like or feel like?  Do I already have what I seemed to be searching for?

I realized that Joy, to me, was a Power Word.  I knew that as I created more Joy in my life that this empowers me, supports me and allows me to share, create and express even more of who I am.  I was so excited that I actually created a list of 100 words, enough for a 4 books series!

As you reflect on each word what will you discover about yourself?  Will you find Hope?  Will you Surrender old habits?  Will you learn to Trust or Love again?

Our time on this planet, in this body, is fleeting, unpredictable, and temporary.  We are the game-changers, the system-rebuilders, the cycle-breakers.  As you work with each Power Word, in your own way, you build on your personal Mastery of this life.

And only you know what that looks like.




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