Be Inspired! You’re Rockin’ This Life!

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“Man is always more than he can know of himself; consequently, his accomplishments, time and again, will come as a surprise to him.”

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



This is the ultimate ‘You Rock’ list.

It’s a list of the things that you have accomplished in your time here on Earth…….so far.   You can include everything from your greatest accomplishments to the fact that you can tell time on an “old fashioned watch” with hands.

Each time you add something to your list, notice how it makes you feel. You will start to feel a little lighter, a little happier, a little better about being you.

Here is a short list to get you started.

– Are you good at sports? Can you sink a basketball from 30 feet?   Have you mastered the Hula Hoop? Did you finally make it through a Zumba class without collapsing? Did you complete the Iron Man Triathlon, beating your own best time or did you simply manage to jog around the block without stopping? Everything goes on the list, no matter how small.

– Are you a stay at home parent of toddlers who manages to keep your house clean? If so, how did you do it? I sure couldn’t.

– Can you cook a great soup? Or just the best grilled cheese sandwich, ever!   Perhaps you throw the best dinner parties that have your friends lined up at the door for your food. Or, like my friend Janet, you make the best butter tarts in the world.

– Have you survived raising your kids to adulthood with your sanity intact? If so, YOU should write a book.

– Are you a Power Tool Priestess? Or a Car-Fixing Superhero? Heck, even if you have figured out how to put air in the tires or can tell the difference between a Philips, a French Recess and a Roberts screwdriver, write it down.

– Have you lost that first 5 pounds as you change your diet to one that is healthier for you?

– Can you sing without causing the neighborhood dogs to howl?

– Do people just like to be around you because you make them feel good?   Do they call when they are blue because you know just the right things to say and they know you are someone who really cares?

– Do you give great hugs?

So you see, what we put down on our list doesn’t have to be life changing, award winning, earth-shattering. Not everyone runs their own Fortune 500 Company. We can’t all grow freakishly large vegetables and we don’t all have the “perfect” body.

Write down everything you can think of from the very beginning. By the time you are done with that list, you should be feeling pretty good about what you have accomplished so far.   You are feeling braver, more competent and happier with your life and yourself.

Now, don’t tuck that list away in the back of your underwear drawer. No, no.

Now that you are inspired, find a special book to keep your list in and keep it accessible for those “not so perky” days.

You may even start a journal book and just keep adding till you need Volume 2, 3, 4, 5….

Now it’s your turn. Make the next seven days about you and all that you have done, big and small. Pull out that blank journal you tucked away years ago after watching an Oprah show. Start now. You will never stop doing great things.

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