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Make a list of all your favorite things. I won’t ask you to analyze the things on the list to see if it shows any weird personality traits. We all have those! And don’t think too hard about it, either. This is fun! Today you are Oprah and the world is full of your favorite things!

Just let your mind wander. Think about your senses. What smells do you love? What about music? Did you ever think about what your favorite weather might be?

This is so much fun to do with your kids, too. They are very aware of sensations and their senses. It is all so new to them.

Here are a few of my favorite things in life.

– the feel of the wind as it blows across my face and through my hair

– everything about horses. The feeling of connection and freedom when I fly across the fields riding bareback, their intelligence and playfulness. And yes, even their smell.

– jeans with stretch in them. Sooooo comfy.

– reading a great fantasy adventure.

– Muppets Christmas Carol movie. This is one of my favorite movies ever. It is touching and funny, with great characters, wonderful songs and a performance by Michael Caine as the best Scrooge, ever.

– having parties and gatherings with friends and family . We will have a party to celebrate just about anything; a renovated bathroom, because it’s spring, New Years, or just because it’s time to get everyone back together again.

– occasionally sipping a really good tequila. Some tequilas are just meant to be savored, not shot. We like Jimador Gold at the moment, after going through a Patron phase. It’s smooth, light and hardly any bite. Thank you, Jutta, for introducing us to Jimador.

– the incredible feeling of connection and expansiveness I get during my meditations.

– Kauai – I love the feeling I get when I land in Lihue and start heading through Kapa’a to Hanalei. I feel as though I am being welcomed home as soon as I put my feet in the water; that the grandmother spirit of Kauai has wrapped me in her arms and filled me with Aloha.

– swimming with the Manta Rays and dolphins off our friends boat in Kona. Just a magical experience. Check out Sunlight On Water for their tours.

– travel to anywhere:

– Egypt was incredible; beyond what we could have imagined. You just have to go; there are no words.

– The Caribbean, with its history, music, art and people; turquoise water washing up against beaches of powder soft sand.

– New York was surreal and amazing. It was like stepping into a movie scene with the jackhammers going, the yellow cabs, fantastic people, cool old water towers on the rooftops, Broadway, Times Square, intricately designed vintage manhole covers. I Love New York.

– Australia has a beat all it’s own. The people are great; they really do say “No worries.” Love it! I loved the song birds, the beaches, the food…..the whole Aussie vibe was fun.

– white water rafting. A wet, wild, wonderful rush.

– hugs from grandkids. Just pure love

– the warmth of the sun on my body; especially if I am on a beach somewhere.

– the magical landscape after a snowfall. Imagine marshmallow fluff flung everywhere. It clings to every blade of grass, every tree branch and twig, every telephone wire. Everything is clean and pristine. Even the air has a softness to it.

– being in love. Isn’t it great to be in love? The most important person to love is YOU.

– a coffee and Bailey’s while sitting by the fire on a cold winter night.

– I write about everything and it’s something I love to share. Everyone has a story to tell. I love to write kid stories. They are so much fun and my kids and grandkids provide lots of material and ideas. It’s a great way to just let your imagination fly freely.

– taking walks in the fall when all the Aspen trees are golden. September and October here is so beautiful. The Aspen trees really do look like they are filled with shiny, golden coins. When the wind comes up you are just surrounded by swirling color; the forest pathways become Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road.

– our hot tub. I couldn’t make it through a winter without that hot tub. On winter nights, warm and protected from the cold, we can sit out under the most incredible skyscape.   We watched an entire full lunar eclipse one night and many meteor showers shooting fireworks in every direction.We have watched the sun come up, firing red, purple and orange light across the sky like a 60’s light show. We play water games with the grandkids, we’ve watched deer, moose and bear wander through the yard and I’ve even used it to do some water aerobics.

– sunsets from our cabin at the lake.   Just Wow!

– cooking with sisters, daughters, friends, grandkids. This is so much fun. One Christmas we had 7 of us cooking dinner; Margaritas in one hand, sharp knife in the other. Just kidding.

– curling up on a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon to watch a movie with my hubby and grandkids.

OK, now it’s your turn.

This week, as you think of all the things in your life that you love, what starts to happen? Your heart space opens up. You begin to recognize the many things in your own life that are precious and good. Nurture this heart space; be aware of how there are so many things, even small things, to be grateful for.

How has making this list changed your perspective about your own life?

Is it easier to see the positive things in your life now?

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