In Love With Mystical Egypt

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Our journey to Egypt, although taken a few years ago, still fills me with wonder.  First of all, wonder that I even went to this special country, not once, but twice in one year.   But even more profound was the impact the journey had in my life.

On both journeys we were part of a small group that had come together from all over the world to explore the mystical and spiritual elements of these special temples and tombs.  And the experiences tore the roof off who I thought I was, showing me more of who I truly am.

Sometimes we need to travel outside our comfort zone, our cozy little home country or apartment in the city, and leave the safety of what we know behind.  I think it is through these adventures that we find many of our truest gifts and our lives are profoundly touched.

This amazing guy was our Guardian in the tomb of Sety l. it was so spectacular that it really left us speechless. And as always inside the tombs and many temples. No pictures allowed. But as we did a ceremony in the burial chamber and seemed to have honor for the incredible works of art inside he allowed a few pictures. We let our friend Rachel, the photographer in our group take them for us.

This was our Guardian in the tomb of Seti l.  It is their life’s work to be Guardians of these temples and tombs.  Seti’s Tomb was so spectacular that it really left us speechless.  The colors, as bright as the day they were painted, the hieroglyphs, even the energy of this tomb was so profound.  Awe and wonder are the only words to describe the beauty.  

The trip would not have been the same without the most incredible guide.  Adel was warm, funny, wise, smart and created the most amazing trip for us.  We all became very close and at the end of our tour, he invited us to his home for dinner and to meet his family.  We were all very honored to have such a special connection.


Many men in Egypt smoke a Hookah pipe and these pipes are works of art.  Gorgeous blown glass, beautifully carved metal bases and burners give them a distinct, mystical look.  Didn’t the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland smoke a hookah?   And the tobaccos smelled so wonderful I was tempted to take up smoking myself.  The smells of apple, peach, herbs and spices wafted up from the pipes and filled the air around us.

And the Big 3 things this adventure taught about myself and the world?

  1.  People are incredible no matter where you travel to.  They are funny & friendly, helpful  & nice, they care about their family and friends, they struggle and have fears, hopes and dreams.  I love the differences that other cultures bring to our life experience but it is these commonalities that connect us as humanity.   So if travel isn’t your thing, explore cultural festivals, markets, and neighborhoods in your area.  And be open to learn and experience.
  2. I learned that there is more to this world then what we can see.  Being alone with our small group in the King’s Chamber in the complete pitch darkness was unusual to say the least.  You could not see your hand in front of you.  As we went into a meditation there in the darkness I became connected to something much bigger than me, bigger than our group and bigger than our limited perception of ‘reality’.  I kept my experiences to myself until others began to speak of having the same thing happen to them.  Mass hypnosis?  I have my doubts. I just have to say that what we know using our limited 5 senses is not all there is to know.
  3. I learned that I can overcome my own fears. Crawling through the tiny tunnel leading to one of the chambers and feeling the immensity of the rock above me and the darkness around me had me stuck in my tracks, unable to move forward or back. I just wanted to run away screaming!  But instead I started singing.  And bit by bit, I was able to move forward and into the light.  And my Power Song?  “Rubber Ducky, you’re the one.  You make bath time lots of fun.”  Yup.  I sang along with Ernie and his Rubber Ducky.  Hey, don’t judge me.  LOL  Desperate times call for desperate measures.


So get out there and live a life full of crazy wildness.


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