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clouds-believe-amazingBeliefs are funny things.  Napolean Hill once said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Something I noticed in my own life is how quickly my entire day can dissolve into a big mess if I start my morning off in a bit of a grouchy mood.  Usually, as my day unravels into burnt breakfast, bumped shins and computer glitches, I slowly come to realize that it is my beliefs and attitude that are getting in the way of having a happy day.

My belief that life sucks and this day is only going to go from bad to worse can be an unconscious result of something that happened the day before, or even a dream that I don’t quite remember.  Whatever creates it, at some point my more ‘enlightened’ self finally clues in.  If I can conceive, believe and achieve a crappy day, I can also conceive, believe and achieve a great day.

I have a few tricks that I use to shift that belief from “this day is just going to get worse” to “this day just keeps on getting better.”

I use music quite a bit to shift things.  I love almost every kind of music and love to dance.  When I play almost any kind of tribal or aboriginal music my feet just want to move all my themselves.

Celtic music is pretty tough to listen to and still be cranky.  It lifts my spirits and shifts my belief to one that sees all is right in the world.  It may not actually be but for the moment, I’m in my happy place.

Affirmations are a powerful too that can shift beliefs in an almost magical way.  I think adding some peaceful, calming music in the background to help you relax is a great way to set the mood for incredible results using affirmations.  Create one that supports what you would like to experience in the now.

Create!  Paint, write, dance, sing, sculpt, make mud pies, cook, knit, blow bubbles, rearrange the furniture…..anything creative that can take you to a place of renewal and regeneration.  Creativity brings a feeling of fun, passion, and of nurturing yourself.  Because that is really what is needed when you are having ‘one of those day!”  It’s your whole being, your inner child, saying “Let’s go and have some fun.”   So all you have to do is say YES!!

Add a little play to your day!


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