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I believe that each of us is filled with magic.   Not the kind that magicians and illusionists use.  I think our inner magic is what makes us unique, creative, compassionate, curious, wise, loving.  This magic opens our heart when we see or read something that touches us.  It inspires us to action when we see someone or something in pain or suffering a tragedy.  It inspires us to create artistic works of every kind when we discover something unusual, wondrous or amazing.

Here are 3 fun ways you can discover your own personal brand of magic.

  1. Put on some of your favorite music and get out a canvas and paints.  Close your eyes and just breath for a few moments.  Listen to the music, not just with your ears but with your heart, with your body, with your emotions.  And just relax.  Now pick up your brush, fill it with paint, smile and create.  Don’t be attached to any outcome….just have fun!
  2. Volunteer somewhere.  You will discover so much about yourself when you are serving, helping  and working with others.  You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, seniors home, the local hospital or hospice center.  Take part in creating a local event like a music festival or sports event or join a committee for organics, recycling, sustainability, museums or helping the youth in your area.  Working together to create something amazing shows what can be done at the grass roots level by individuals.
  3. Make a list of 20 things you love to do but you haven’t found the time for it.  Pick one from your list and just devote 20 minutes per day.  It could be meditation or sewing, writing a book or snowshoeing, learning photoshop or baking pies.  Bring a sense of fun into it and watch the magic happen as you learn and become proficient in one passion after another.

I think we are so blessed to be living in these tumultuous times.  We are seeing tremendous changes and challenges happening in our world but I believe it is up to us to stay grounded, to stay positive and to do our best to bring out our own magic, inspiring others to do the same.

You see, once we discover our own magic, we are not swayed by outside forces.  We are strong within ourselves and in the world we live in right now, this is our power.

Discover your magic, share what you have learned and inspire others to find their own inner magic.

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