Lights Of Christmas

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Our tree is one of my favorite things about the Christmas season. It is decorated with a crazy assortment of bits and pieces. No recognizable theme going on there!

We have decorations our children made in school, crafts that we made together at home and my white satin baby slippers stuffed with Kleenex in the toe.

Nestling happily beside a wooden hand giving the peace sign from our trip through the 70’s are beloved ornaments of glass or crocheted and knitted, that were my Mother’s and Grandmother’s.

Souvenirs from trips, near and far are sharing branches with those weird little gifts from friends and family. Everything ends up on the Christmas tree. Martha Stewart would run from our house, her hands in the air, screaming, “ It’s not a good thing, it’s not a good thing.”

Our tree is made up of the memories of our life. It is a way of bringing pieces of everyone together, representing friends, family and our life together.

In our home, the night before we take down our tree, we drink a toast to the Christmas tree for being the best tree ever. Sometimes, if we can keep our tree green enough to be safe, we are drinking our toast in February.

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