Gifts From My Dad – Excerpt From Our Story

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…..Then a few years ago, when a bunch of us high school girl friends turned 50, these wild and crazy friends threw a huge dress-up birthday bash on the farm. People from ages 5 to 85 came from far and near.

We had all the stars: A lovely woman dressed as the Queen of England; RedGreen, the king of duct tape; 2 Clint Eastwoods from his spaghetti westerns; Cruella Deville; assorted hippies; a lovely fairy or two and even Captain Jack Sparrow.

It was a great party. But my favorite memory is sharing this time with my Dad. He was dressed as an iconic Canadian musician named Stompin’ Tom Connors.

Stompin’ Tom was famous for…….well, for his stomping. As he played his guitar and sang those great songs of Canada; the Snowmobile Song, the Hockey Song and Bud the Spud, his big, black cowboy boots would stomp the beat on a piece of plywood.

If he hadn’t had that square of plywood, Stompin’ Tom would have worn a hole in every stage floor he sang from.

So Dad dressed up in his best black cowboy shirt and jeans, found himself a big black cowboy hat, created his own guitar out of plywood and hung a piece of plywood around his neck for stompin’.

He became Stompin’ Tom. He even wrote a song for the occasion.

So Stompin’ Tom and his side-kick daughter, Janis Joplin ( that’s me ) were a hit. What a great time we had.

Although my Dad passed away in 2009, his gifts to me will always help to guide me throughout my own life and I just want to say,

Me & Dad cropped

“Thanks Dad, you handsome devil. I miss you every day.”

You taught me the gift of not taking myself too seriously. Don’t be so afraid of looking silly that you miss out on all the fun of a life filled with moments that make the most precious memories.

This week take the time to look at those gifts.

What life lessons or gifts from your parents are you grateful for? No matter how hard and difficult your life with your parents may have been, there are gifts within that experience. Find them and honor them.

How do these gifts help you in your life today?

Are you aware of the gifts you can give your own children?

If your parents are still living, tell them how their life has been a gift to you.

Sometimes the gift is seeing how NOT to live your life. My Dad certainly gave us plenty of those gifts during his drinking years. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to forgive them and show your children your best life.

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